The Definition of the word “Grace”

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The Definition of the word Grace

The primary meaning of “grace” in connection with God is free, eternal, and unmerited love and favour of God toward free moral agents who are the product of His own creation, whether human or spirit-beings, and who are capable of God–consciousness and moral responsibility. Grace is the spring, source, and the very fountain-head of all the manifold benefits and blessings of God to all of His creation (Jn. 1:14-17; 3:16; Rom. 3:24; 5:17-21; 11:5-6; 2 Cor. 9:8; Eph. 1:6-7; 2:5-8; Jas. 4:6; 1 Pet. 5:5).
The Greek word charis is found 156 times in the New Testament and is translated “grace” 130 times; “favor” six times; “thank” and “thankworthy” twelve times; “pleasure” two times; and “acceptable,” “benefits,” “gift,” “gracious,” “joy,” and “liberality” each one time. It is not found in Matthew or Mark. It is found in Luke eight times; in John four times; in Acts sixteen times; in the Pauline Epistles 110 times; in James, l and 2 Peter, 1, 2, 3 John, and Jude sixteen times; and in Revelation two times—once at the beginning and once at the end.
Grace is also used to mean the favor and friendship of man with man (Gen. 32:5; 33:8-15; 34:11; 39:4; 47:25, 29; Ruth 2:10; Esther 2:17).
Grace cannot be limited in usage to God’s dealings with men in the New Testament or with men only in any one period. Was not God just as gracious and loving to angels and all spirit-beings and to men in the Old Testament times as He is to men in the New Testament times? He could not be otherwise to any of His creations at any time except when they were in rebellion and sin. The very creation and continued existence of such beings is an act of grace. In fact, grace covers even the brute creation and abundantly provides for all living creatures those things which sustain life. Grace is merited no more by the brutes than by free moral agents. It is free for all, and all creatures partake of it in some form whether they realize it or not.

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