God’s Plan for Man Table of Contents


Lesson 1: General Subjects Concerning “God’s Plan For Man” Discussed
Lesson 2: The Holy Scriptures
Supplement 1 – For Lessons One and Two
Lesson 3: How To Interpret The Bible
Lesson 4: The Truth About God
Supplement 2 – For Lessons Three and Four
Lesson 5: The Original Creations of God
Lesson 6: Satan And The Spirit-World
Supplement 3 – For Lessons Five and Six
Lesson 7: Rebellion And Overthrow of the First Social System
Lesson 8: The Story of Re-Creation
Supplement 4: For Lessons Seven and Eight


Lesson 9: The Dispensation of Innocence
Lesson 10: Providence: God’s Plan for the Needs of Man
Supplement 5: For Lessons Nine and Ten
Lesson 11: The Dispensation of Conscience
Lesson 12: Why God’s Plan for the Needs of Man Is Not Realized
Supplement 6: For Lessons Eleven and Twelve
Lesson 13: The Dispensation of Human Government
Lesson 14: Divine Healing and Divine Health
Supplement 7: For Lessons Thirteen and Fourteen
Lesson 15: The Dispensation of Promise
Lesson 16: Asking and Receiving from God
Supplement 8: For Lessons Fifteen and Sixteen
Lesson 17: The Dispensation of Law
Lesson 18: The Old Testament Church
Supplement 9: For Lessons Seventeen and Eighteen


Lesson 19: The Dispensation of Grace
Lesson 20: The New Testament Program for the Modern Church
Supplement 10: For Lessons Nineteen and Twenty
Lesson 21: The Truth About Jesus Christ
Lesson 22: A Christian’s Power of Attorney
Supplement 11: For Lessons Twenty-One and Twenty-Two
Lesson 23: The Bible Doctrine of Sin
Lesson 24: How to Get Rid of Sin and Sickness
Supplement 12: For Lessons Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four
Lesson 25: The Deity of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 26: The Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit
Supplement 13: For Lessons Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six
Lesson 27: The Doctrine of the Trinity
Lesson 28: Faith-How to Attain to All the Known Needs of Life
Supplement 14: For Lessons Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight
Lesson 29: The New Testament Church (Matt. 16:18)
Lesson 30: The Truth About the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Supplement 15: For Lessons Twenty-Nine and Thirty
Lesson 31: The Kingdom of Heaven & the Kingdom of God & the Parables
Lesson 32: The Old and New Covenants
Supplement 16: For Lessons Thirty-One and Thirty-Two
Lesson 33: The Bible Doctrine of Salvation
Lesson 34: The Truth About Sanctification and Justification
Supplement 17: For Lessons Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four
Lesson 35: The Truth About Eternal Security
Lesson 36: Fifteen Great Covenants Of Scripture And British-Israelism
Supplement 18: For Lessons Thirty-Five and Thirty-Six


Lesson 37: Where Are The Dead?
Lesson 38: The Seven Judgments of Scripture
Supplement 19: For Lessons Thirty-Seven and Thirty-Eight
Lesson 39: The Book of Daniel
Lesson 40: Daniel’s Seventieth Week and the Tribulation
Supplement 20: For Lessons Thirty-Nine and Forty
Lesson 41: A Gist of the Book of Revelation
Lesson 42: Heaven and the Resurrections
Supplement 21: For Lessons Forty-One and Forty-Two
Lesson 43: The Rapture of the Church
Lesson 44: Exposition of Matthew 24 and 25 – The Ten Virgins
Supplement 22: For Lesson Forty-Three and Forty-four
Lesson 45: Sun-Clothed Woman, Man-child, Dragon, Beast, False Prophet
Lesson 46: The Beasts Out Of the Sea and Earth
Supplement 23: For Lessons Forty-Five and Forty-Six
Lesson 47: The Beast With Seven Heads and Ten Horns
Lesson 48: The Ten Horns and the Beast Itself
Supplement 24: For Lessons Forty-seven and Forty-eight
Lesson 49: The Marriage Supper, Second Advent, Armageddon
Lesson 50: The Dispensation of Divine Government
Supplement 25: For Lessons Forty-nine and Fifty
Lesson 51: The New Heaven and the New Earth – The Earth’s Third and Eternal Sinless Career – The Earth’s Made Perfect the Third Time – (Age of the Ages or the Eternal Perfect State)
Lesson 52: The Bride of Christ
Supplement 26: The Devil’s Last Song

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