Finis Dake DVD Lecture Series – Book of Daniel & Antichrist

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Finis Dake Bible

This is a double DVD set! 2 DVD's Included! These videos are rare and were taped in the middle 1970's at Melody Land Christian Center in Anaheim, California.

Finis Dake Bible
Finis Dake Bible

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Finis Dake Bible
Finis Dake Bible
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Finis Dake Bible

Finis Dake DVD Lecture Series

Finis Dake Bible

ISBN-10: 1558291679
ISBN-13: 9781558291676
Publisher: Dake Publishing
Dates: 1970’s
Length: 90 minutes
Format: DVD
Actual Weight: 7 ounces
Size: Length x Width x Height: 5.625″ x 4.95″ x .49″

Finis Dake DVD

Description: Reverend Finis Dake presents a comprehensive look at a topic that has both intrigued and baffled Bible scholars for centuries- prophecies concerning the antichrist. This 2-DVD set explores the prophetic passages in Daniel that deal with end-times events. From the origin of the antichrist to his rise to power and final defeat, Rev. Dake takes us on a tour through one of the great prophecies of the Old Testament – the book of Daniel

Finis Dake DVD

These live lectures were originally filmed at Melodyland in California. Finis Dake teaches the entire series from his big Plan of the Ages Chart. We have these charts available in three different sizes, small paper charts (9″x42″), medium (2′ x 9′) and the large chart you see Dake using on these DVDs (4′ x 17′). Rev. Dake is the author of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible.

Finis Dake DVD

DVD 1 – The Antichrist – The antichrist will not rule America or be a world-wide dictator! The mark of the beast is not 666! In this 60-minute DVD, Rev. Dake explains what the Scriptures have to say about the antichrist – who he is, where he comes from, where he will rule, the extent of his power and his ultimate fate. The entire Finis Dake teaches from his Plan of the Ages chart.

Finis Dake DVD

DVD 2 – Book of Daniel – Rev. Dake explains the meaning of Daniel’s visions, including the beast with ten horns and the beast out of the sea. Prophecies that have already been fulfilled are explained, as well as those that are yet to come – prophecies concerning that antichrist, his origin, and his defeat at the last last battle.

Finis Dake DVD
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Finis Dake Bible

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