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1. Where was Jesus baptized and why?
2. Will heaven be in Palestine?
3. Will Jesus come before the mark of the beast?
4. Is the devil the beast that comes up out of the sea?
5. Explain 1 Peter 2:24.
6. Do we have the right to know where our tithes go?
7. Is there a scripture of God casting our sins in a sea of forgetfulness?
8. What is the name of the Father?
9. What does scripture mean–Man and wife same pocketbook?
10. What do the terms converted and born again mean? Are they the same thing?
11. Do we have to live a perfect life to go to heaven?
12. Do women have to keep silent in church?
13. What does Song of Solomon mean–because I am black?
14. What difference in praying in public or private?
15. What will happen to animals in Tribulation?
16. Except a man be baptized in water–Is water baptism necessary to be saved?
17. Who did Cain marry in the land of Nod?
18. When a Christian sins, should he discuss it in church?
19. Is the coming of Jesus soon?
20. Does God know everything?
21. Who was Mary’s mother and grandmother?
22. Where in the Bible does it say, children should be baptized?
23. Does the Bible say, it is a sin to have short hair?
24. Where will Anti-Christ come from?
25. How many judgements will there be?
26. With stammering tongues–Is this in the Old Testament?

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27. Was Peter crucified?
28. Were foreign languages given at Pentecost?
29. Do we receive the Holy Ghost when we are saved?
30. Should women pray in public?
31. Where does it say, The sting of death?
32. Is there a difference in sin and mistakes?
33. Explain 1 John 3:6.
34. Is a husband’s first duty to his wife or mother?
35. Did Paul or a woman write the Epistle to the Hebrews?
36. What will happen to people who hinder Christians?
37. Will a child be responsible for parent’s sins?
38. Joel 2 — Are the 2 classes of people of Joel the same as locust of Revelation 9?

39. Will there come a time when you can’t tell summer from winter?
40. What year did 70 weeks of Daniel start and end?
41. Were there any thorns before Adam?
42. What is the land of the north?
43. Please explain omnipresence of God.
44. Are there cases of afflictions because of sin?
45. Can the acceptance of the Holy Spirit be received by asking?
46. Please explain James 4.
47. Will the righteous reign with Christ?
48. 1 Peter 3:19 – Please comment
49. Please explain Revelation 17:21.
50. Please explain Ezekiel 66:20.
51. How long will it be between Anti-Christ and the Millennium?
52. Is atomic power mentioned in the Bible?

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53. What does Selah mean?
54. What is purgatory?
55. Is sickness of the devil?
56. Does Daniel 7:10 refer to Christ return?
57. Explain the Godhead.
58. Will there be male and female in heaven?
59. What is the Seal of God?
60. What is keeping Christ from coming back now?
61. Solomon 8:5 — does this refer to Mary?
62. Why do some people believe in Jesus only?
63. Explain how demons get into people.
64. How do you distinguish between truth and false teaching.
65. Did all ten lepers receive healing?
66. Were souls under the altar in heaven?
67. Do angels have wings?
68. What was Paul’s affliction?
69. How old were Noah’s sons when he started the ark?
70. Were there only seven churches at the time Revelation was written?
71. How can the dry bones be made to walk?
72. Will heathens be held accountable for sin?
73. Will we know each other in heaven?
74. In the days of Adam could the animals talk?
75. How do you get the gifts of the spirit?
76. Where is the Garden of Eden now?
77. When does the Holy Spirit come into a man’s life?
78. Was the Song of Solomon written by a back slider king?
79. Was Christ born under an apple tree?

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80. Is tithing Biblical; is it necessary?
81. How is the Holy Ghost within a person?
82. How many books, chapters, verses, and words are in the Bible?
83. Did angels marry the daughters of men?
84. Will the Anti-Christ rule America?
85. Is it God’s will for man to prosper?
86. Is it God’s will for one to suffer?
87. What did David mean about the great transgression?
88. What is the meaning of Holy City Jerusalem coming to earth?
89. What sins damn the soul?
90. What is the Millennium?
91. Is there scripture saying we should not have an altar in church?
92. Define the three heavens.
93. Some teach sprinkling, is it in the Bible?
94. Does God call all to preach even without Baptism in the Holy Ghost?
95. Will some receive Christ forever?
96. What does the woman and the man-child represent?
97. City of Babylon, is it a city now?
98. Does everyone who has the Baptism have the gifts of the Spirit?
99. What gift does preaching come under?
100. Are the preachers who preach against the Baptism in the Holy Ghost out of grace?

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101. Can an unsaved person understand the Bible?
102. Will Jesus come back for his people before the tribulation?
103. Was Job in the eternal past?
104. Did John sprinkle the people?
105. Are the redeemed in God?
106. Is a man when born, saved or lost?
107. Could Judas have been saved again?
108. Can anyone go to heaven without being saved?
109. Was Judas ever a preacher?
110. What is the unpardonable sin?
111. What is the sacrifice of repentance?
112. Why is the Bible literal instead of figurative?
113. Why did Michael and the devil dispute over Moses’ body?
114. Was Jesus before the Father when he said, I am the first and the last?
115. Is there a resurrection of the wicked dead?
116. Why is Jesus referred to as the seed of David?
117. Why does John 8:44 say the devil was a murderer in the beginning?
118. Does 1 Corinthians 16:2 mean tithes?
119. Who are the two witnesses?
120. Are some parts of the Bible mistranslated?

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121. Is it possible for anyone to be demon possessed?
122. Does the rapture take place before the tribulation?
123. Will the water be turned to blood during tribulation?
124. Will heaven and earth pass away?
125. Where does the Bible mention the marriage supper?
126. Who was Melchizedek? Where does he come from?
127. What suffering is implied in 2 Timothy 2:12? If we suffer, we will reign with him?
128. Is the church and the Kingdom of God the same?
129. Is there a condition in John 4:24, Luke 24:39?
130. Describe the ungodly in Psalm 1.
131. What hereafter will the heathen have?
132. Should a women wear men’s clothes?
133. Will the atomic bomb be dropped on America?
134. Where did God live before he created heaven and earth?
135. Was the earth inhabited before Adam?
136. Explain 1 Corinthians 1:26: All men have the opportunity.
137. Are the 4 beasts of Revelation created beings?
138. Is the Christmas tree symbolic of Christ’s birth?
139. Are we required to tell our sins to others?
140. Where did Satan come from?
141. Did God name any church?

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142. Doctrine of the Blood of Jesus.
143. Could the Lord come now?
144. What is God’s purpose for the rapture?
145. Will there be different degrees of rewards and punishment in heaven and hell?
146. What will happen at the end of Millennium – Will Christ rule the earth?
147. Is the U.S.A. referred to in the Bible?
148. If the Bride of Christ is New Jerusalem, what is the church?
149. Is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost for people today?
150. 1 Corinthians 15:23 — Christ the first fruits of the resurrection.
151. Was the color of people changed at the Tower of Babel?
152. Were the 120 sanctified before the upper room?
153. If Adam and Eve fell in sin, is sin born in us?
154. How long did it take to write the Bible?
155. Where did sin originate?
156. Do children suffer sickness as a result of parent’s sin?
157. Did Moses marry a colored woman?
158. Will a Black person be black or white in heaven?
159. Who changed the sabbath day?
160. Were humans on earth before Adam?
161. Ezekiel Four living heavenly creatures – wheel within a wheel.
162. Should a person pay tithes on gifts?

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163. John 14:16 Spirit with you and will be in you.
164. The Bible speaks of new heaven and new earth. What happens to the present?
165. Are the Spirit and Soul the same?
166. A Christian goes to heaven and sinners go to hell, where was Jesus 3 days after his death?
167. What is falling from grace?
168. Who made God?
169. Is Jesus God?
170. Why did God make man to sin?
171. Why is there a resurrection?
172. Is sickness of the devil?
173. Does Daniel 7:10 refer to second coming?
174. Explain the Godhead – in what name should one be baptized?
175. Rivers that ran out of Eden – Can they be found today?
176. Did men have duties before the fall?
177. Mist before the flood of Noah.
178. Was Adam the first sinner?
179. Are men conscious after death?
180. Will Antichrist rule America?
181. Will there be sin during the Millennium?
182. Will the lord protect people who pray during tribulation?
183. What is sin and what is not?
184. Who were the Nicolaitans spoken of in Revelation 2:6?
185. Matthew 12:20.

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