Pre-Owned – Collectors Bible Truths Unmasked FIRST PRINTING

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Description: This is a First Printing Edition of Bible Truths Unmasked by Finis Dake. Printed in 1950. Its a very rare paperback first printing. **USED- Good Condition. Writing on the Front Page & Some Underlining

Bible Truths Unmasked

There are truths contained between the pages of even the most well-worn Bible – truths that have been hidden for generations. The Bible is a simple book to understand, and yet there are promises of God that have not been fully experienced by Christians since the days of the apostles. Tradition, false doctrine and unsound teaching have been used by those opposing the Truth to obscure the clear teaching of Scripture – thus the need for Bible Truths Unmasked!

Bible Truths Unmasked

From the foreward: The purpose of Bible Truths Unmasked is to provide an informative study on the benefits of the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially as contained in the many promises given us in both Testaments of the Bible. The intention of Bible Truths Unmasked is to unmask the hidden possibilities, the truths of benefits… that doubt, unbelief, and suspicion have concealed from us for much of our lifetime. The hope to give particular enlightenment regarding the two main purposes for which Christ died – the healing of the body and the salvation of the soul