Collectors Zondervan Expanded Concordance
By Finis Jennings Dake

Specifications for Zondervan Expanded Concordance

Library of Congress number:  68-27466
Publisher:  Zondervan Publishing House
Dates:  1968
Binding:  Hardback
Pages:  1848
Colors:  Brown
Actual Weight:  4 pounds
Size:  Length x Width x Height: 9.75" x 6.75" x .2.50"
Dake Bible Price: $49.99

Zondervan Expanded Concordance

Description: The Zondervan Expanded Concordance, by Finis J. Dake.

Very Good Condition!

 Includes all the words from the Authorized King James Version together with the key words from the following modern translations:

  • The Amplified Bible
  • The Berkeley Version of the Bible
  • The New Testament in Modern English by J.B. Phillips
  • The Revised Standard Version
  • The New English Bible
  • The English Revised
  • The New Scofield Reference Bible


  • The key word heading stands out clearly in boldface type for easy location
  • The word headings are centered in columns so that words and passages are easily found
  • Use of italics to indicate only the key word
  • Generous spacing provided between entries to eliminate confusion
  • Bible book identified in each entry
  • Many words accompanied by modifiers are separated according to alphabetizing of the modifiers. For example: All, According to all, After all, At all, Before all, For all, From all, etc.

The Zondervan Expanded Concordance is one of the rarest books Finis Dake ever assembled. It was done in the early 60's by Finis Dake from his Atlanta home. His name does not appear in the book. But a letter on Zondervan Publishing House stationary written at the time, will be sent with the book to prove it's authenticity. Availability of the Zondervan Expanded Concordance is limited! Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis.